This is a new piece called Hypothesis now/ooorrrdddeeeerrrr!!!! I wrote this song as part of a story I am writing with this accompanying it like a theme song.

Hypothesis now/ooorrrdddeeeerrrr!!!

This was written as a much slower piece to play over Maya Deren’s silent short movie ‘At Land’ and hence the title. I made it a bit quicker and added guitar and the rhythm section to make it more listenable in its own. The original piece also sounded a bit too familiarly like the ‘Mulholland Drive’ theme. I used a voice simulator on the second verse to make it a bit weirder.

This is one of the songs I wrote to accompany my book ‘The Lunatics Are Taking Over The Asylum’, like a movie score. This particular song has been around for years. But I finally finished it when I came up with the strings and keyboards. The piano riff is tricky but fun to play.

ADVANCE ON MEENLEK (first section) In C Major

This is the accompanying piece to a scene on my upcoming novel Doorman (Moonman). The full piece is much longer and this is just the first section. There is an overload of cello’s playing the same note at different times.