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The Drowning

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The Drowning is a dark humored mystery novella. Mr Denman’s shady path through life revolves around drinking and philandering. Stranger is a die hard work addict, obsessed to succeed as a jockey. The two become dangerously close through the eccentric psychiatrist, Dr Pogatetz. However, all may not be as it seems.



Infinitesimal Gradations

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Orphaned in infancy in Ireland and raised in rural Berkshire before his aunt sent him packing to boarding school, George Eccles thought he knew enough about insecurity, fear and disappointments when he finds quiet contentment working in a joinery in rural England.    

When he manages to finish writing a horror novel, should he be delighted or distrustful when a publisher tells him it will be a bestseller?

Has life prepared George for the insecurity, fear and disappointments of fame? Or will his adult life become another nightmare in which nothing, not even love, is what it seems? Is he wearing his art on his sleeve, his sources of inspiration waiting in the wings to expose him as a plagiariser, or has paranoia shaken his confidence in his originality?   

Colourful and intriguing, Infinitesimal Gradationstakes readers on a wild and scary ride that tells of fame, the price of fame – and of what lies between 

Here Comes the Night

The strange world surrounding the promiscuous Martha Hoodwinker and the unconventional relationship with her brother, begins to unravel when their father accidentally reveals the death of a mysterious associate, leading them on a soul searching journey to determine what is really going on in their mansion house. A scarred mother, demented grandmother, toothless turkey fancier of an uncle and his valet and a deformed infant cloud the background of which the siblings come from.
An intriguing, unorthodox and satirical investigation filled with gadzookery and an obsession of oral hygiene and sticky buns ensues. Here Comes The Night is a tale that almost gives an answer to the question that hasn’t been asked.


Churchtown is a quiet, law abiding tourist town with a proud slogan ‘Zero Crime, No Fear’. But when a Korean traveller disappears in its scenic valleys, the true grim face of the so called pleasant society is exposed.
Detective Fox Mahoney is lead there in an investigation of his own but with the integrity and the image of the town immersed into jeopardy, the question begins to be asked if anything bad is happening at all or have The Lunatics Taken Over The Asylum



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The environment of the Celestial Hotel is dictated by the bizarre adrenaline fueled behaviour of it’s staff, which includes a three headed fire breathing goddess and a machine used to crush concrete.Stories From The Cabin are a collection of stream of consciousness short stories that strangely entangle into a Frame Story.

National Hunt Handicapping

Horse Racing Handicapping is considered to be a reaction not a prediction but what if there were a way off understanding the reality of a performance and interpreting it into potential. With an in-depth analysis of the Cheltenham Festival 2021 as an example, this book explains exactly that with a revolutionary technique to understand national hunt races.

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